It is a well-known fact that currencies can be converted to any other currency with the aid of regular converters. However, with the rapidly increasing amount of digital currencies in the world today, a reliable converter is needed.

No one wants to make mistakes in their conversion rates, and so, individuals are steadily searching for the best and most reliable converter. This is none other than CoinSwitch.

What Is CoinSwitch?

In simple terms, it is a website whereby digital currencies are converted. The website basically converts a large number of Cryptocurrencies ranging to a hundred if not more. CoinSwitch provides an exchange rate that is competitive.

This is because it converts at the best rates that are available in the real time. Basically, it is an exchange marketplace in which individuals can easily access the Cryptocurrency market.

With CoinSwitch, there is no need for diverse accounts all over multiple exchanges or the need for an account in any exchange.

Features Of CoinSwitch

The CoinSwitch website has some notable features which include;

  • Vast offering:

It enables the trade and buying of more than three hundred digital currencies, altcoins and tokens. These include

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Ethereum (ETH)
  3. Ripple (XRP)
  4. LiteCoin (LTC), and so many others.
  • Interchangeability:

The crypto coins can be exchanged for roughly forty-five thousand possible virtual currency pairs. This can be done from all the key exchanges.

  • One Experience:

It can easily be accessed from anywhere. Individuals can gain access to the full crypto market, charts and prices.

  • Dependable support:

CoinSwitch’s team aids users with every transaction all over the supported digital currency exchanges. 

How It Works

CoinSwitch is highly easy to use, and so, registration is not compulsory. Anyone can simply begin the conversion of Cryptos. Individuals can simply convert one crypto to yet another Cryptocurrency through the five steps below.

They are;

  • Input the address of your wallet
  • Input the amount and crypto to be converted
  • Choose the exchange
  • Convert it
  • Finally, monitor the conversion.

This is explained further.

How To Convert Exchange Bitcoin To Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, And Altcoins

In converting one Bitcoin to either Ethereum, ripple, Tron or altcoins, the user will have to input his or her wallet address. This wallet should have a minimum of one Bitcoin. Once the user inputs the one Bitcoin, he or she will click on “concert to Ethereum” or whichever Cryptocurrency they want.

Once that is done, the user will have to click on the “convert” button. From here, the progress of the conversion can be monitored. This is applicable in converting not only Ethereum but also Tron, ripple, and altcoins.

It takes a total of thirty minutes to convert just a small number of Cryptocurrency. However, bigger Cryptos will take a longer time.

How To Buy Tron

The first step to buying Tron (TRX) is to select Bitcoin (BTC) at the top and Tron at the bottom. The user will have to input the amount of bitcoin he or needs to exchange. This will reveal the quantity of TRX at its most recent exchange rate.

The next step is to click on “view all offers”. It is worthy to note that, the amount that will be shown here might vary from the initial amount received after the conversion. After this, the user will be shown a record of every exchanges with TRX quantity that the website is offering.

The user selects the best of the exchange that will convert bitcoin to Tron. The user’s TRX address will be needed. The TRX will be gotten in the wallet once the order is finished.

The address and terms should be critically read before hitting on the very next button. The next part will reveal the BTC address of the exchange. At this point, the user transfers BTC from his or her wallet to the address.

Immediately BTC is received in the exchange, it begins the TRX conversion. Once the transaction is complete, users can check the TRX wallet for Tron.

In Conclusion

The CoinSwitch website is rated among the first conversion websites to be available online. The conversion process is easy, and it has gained a lot of affirmative reviews from diverse websites. It is a highly useful tool to use in converting cryptocurrencies.


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