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1xBit Invites Fans to Predict Their UEFA Champions League Favourites

Every year the top European football clubs compete in the UEFA Champions League. It’s a moment for sports fans and football players alike to see excellent football and who is the top European club. As with anything else, nobody knows exactly which club will win. But, people usually make predictions based on stats. 1xBit is now giving all fans a chance to participate in putting coin on their favourite team to win for the 2019 UEFA Champions League with a promotion running from February 15, 2019 until May 30,2019.

Round of 16 Overview

For those that may be deciding which team to favourite for this year’s Round of 16, some analysts suggest that Juventus, Real Madrid, PSG, FC Bayern, Manchester City, FC Barcelona and AS Roma will proceed to the round of 8. Some of these  Round of 16 contests may be quite close such as Juventus and Atletico Madrid, so it may be a real nail biter. For that reason, it’s even more important to place bets on the winning team to get a bit of an adrenaline rush. The winner will proceed to the next round after a hard fight.

After getting through the Round of 16, then teams will go on to play the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finally the final. Some predictions show that Barcelona, Madrid, and Bayern are favourites to win. But, don’t exclude an outsider like Liverpool who might still pull a stunt and manage to stun all. It’s really anyone’s game and an opportunity for fans to sit on the edge of their seats and watch the matches unfold.

How to participate in the promotion?

To participate in placing bets for the Round of 16 or any other round of the competition, all fans should just register or log in, then make any predictions keeping in mind that the minimum stake is 2 mBTC or the equivalent in the account currency. Don’t forget that the bet must be placed after a prediction has been made and on the same day by 23:59 GMT+3. If the player correctly guesses the score of the match that he or she made a prediction about, then the points will be accumulated as follows:  Round of 16 – 10 points per match (max of 160 points), Quarterfinals – 20 points per match (max 160 points), Semifinals – 40 points per match (max 160 points) and finally the final of 80 points (max 80 points). One important note is that there are no restrictions on predictions made, but once a prediction is made, it cannot be changed.

Got to the top!

The luckiest will be announced after the final game and all the prizes will go to the winners. Those who will earn the highest amount of points will get 1 BTC, second place wins 10 ETH, third place wins 100 BTG, fourth place wins 1,000 XRP, fifth place wins 10,000 XVG, then places six to ten win points. The sixth place winner wins 2,500 points, seventh wins 2,000 points, eighth wins 1,500 points, ninth wins 1,000, and the tenth place finisher wins 500 points.

All in all, there are lots of prizes to be won and a great opportunity to do it. It’s all about making the right predictions for the right teams. But, it may also be a little bit of luck, because maths and stats don’t solve everything. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the matches.


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